Welysis + than Electrolysis

Decalogue of corporate social responsibility

Since Welysis’s inception, the company ‘s management practices have been governed by integrity, honesty, loyalty and compliance with all applicable legal provisions and responsibility towards people and the environment.

This Decalogue aims to present standards of professional conduct within the company.


The importance of the person.

We consider that the most important thing is the human being. We respect your dignity and security at all times, without discrimination.Without forgetting the actions of the company, the company’s stakeholders and the environment.


The internal organization of people.

We promote the integrity, honesty and justice of people within the organization, in their dealings with workers, customers, suppliers and other people, as well as in relations with other organizations. We promote motivation, retention, learning and continuous training of each and every person.


Fulfilment of commitments.

We fulfil with rigor and punctuality the commitments acquired with the workers, customers, suppliers and others, as well as with the administrations and other organizations, by maintaining a dynamic system of global quality.


4. We maintain communication.

We maintain communication, transparent and truthful information are the basis of trust between people, making the difference in the capacity of interdependence that makes us think about the essence of teamwork. It must be necessary, for each of the economic and social actors involved including shareholders, creditors, customers, employees and the public administration.


We respect laws and standards.

We exceed the minimums required by law, we comply with the laws, regulations and rules that apply to both the company and its products and / or services, exceeding the minimum of security and durability, by our conviction. Business gifts will never be offered to customers or accepted from suppliers.


We do truthful advertising.

We conduct truthful and responsible commercial advertising without deception that distorts the actual performance of products and / or services. We observe a policy of continuity and prestige in the long term, beyond the immediate short-term benefit.


We respect human rights.

We respect and defend human rights as responsible business behavior promoting educational activities and the integration of the most disadvantaged people in the community.


We respect the maximum commitment to the environment.

We respect the environment without degrading it, without ever losing sight of its continuity of life on our planet. To do this we focus our own objectives on improving the SDG objectives of the United Nations.


We ensure the survival of the business.

We ensure the continuity of the company by providing a real service that contributes to the common good and at the same time promotes shared creativity, translated into cost-effective innovations.


We create enough wealth.

We generate wealth (added value) to adequately remunerate workers and owners (through capital and risk assumed) and we comply with tax obligations; thus we cooperate in the progress of civil society (region and country) where we are rooted and where the company is located.

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