+ Than Electrolysis

Welysis was created by combining the experience of a group of companies with a long history in the world of electrolysis

We are Developers (Know-how), Operators (Users) and Knowledgeable of the market (Intelligence). These 3 areas complement us to offer a unique project in the market to boost an industry that is expected to be essential in the coming

From the Canary Islands to the World, we develop and build your Electrolysis plants together to a plant currently in operation. In the same environment, within reach of our members, is the Headquarters of the WIN (Welysis International Network) with the Control Tower and the Welysis International Network Training.

Welysis strikes a balance between internal and external economics, looking at the whole supply chain to be competitive in the country's economy, being respectful of the environment and generating human value.

In this way we are committed to supplying modular electrolysis plants to
meet the needs of specific regions by giving access to a first-class product
need within everyone’s reach.

Our values

We are passionate about technology, quality, efficiency and innovation.

They are our fundamental pillars together with WIN (Welysis International Network) where intercommunication between plants along with data analysis (Big Data) provides added value that helps to improve processes that remove they have a direct impact on the optimization of the plant as well as in the quality of life in the region.

Welysis has always wanted to take a step beyond the mere manufacture of electrolysis plants. We believe in one sustainable and fair business model, benefiting all stakeholders. We are motivated to contribute to the improvement of the planet following the SDGs of the Nations United.

We are


We apply the latest technologies to optimize processes in the plant and its construction, improving human and environmental safety, as well as innovating in the development of a modern and effective management model.


All Welysis plants are integrated into our Network with the aim of advancing together in continuous improvement to guarantee our market leadership.

Protectors of health

A motivating project to help improve the global health of people with our processes and products.


The information is very important, and processing it helps us to extract
conclusions to optimize processes and achieve excellence.

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