We help to industrialise regions thanks to the local production of chlorine for water treatment and potabilisation.


As operators of electrolysis plants, we have the know-how in both construction and operation. Our modular plants are highly efficient and are delivered and installed all over the world. 

All our electrolysis plants are automatically part of WIN (Welysis International Network), where we share best practices, training, knowledge, quality, and experience through our 5 pillars.

Group 2

Leaders in technological and operational innovation

Shape 2

Rapid return on investment

Shape 3

Economic and social benefits

SCALABLE AND MODULAR Chlor-Alkali plants

We design, build and install three standard plant models for different production capacities. Thanks to their modular design, production can be scaled up according to growth forecasts.


In many parts of the world, access to safe drinking water is an endemic problem, especially in the rural areas of Africa where drought...
The Canary Islands have a wealth of natural resources. However, they have always faced a challenge: to optimise access to and distribution of drinking...


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Modernisation and diversification of the industrial sector 2022: “Electrolysis plant factory”

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