Thanks to our internal research team composed of engineers and chemists, at Welysis, we develop exclusive and innovative technologies. We adapt and incorporate the latest trends in water treatment technology on the market.

Our R&D&I team works constantly to always offer the highest standards of technological innovation.

We design and develop our plants so that they have an excellent performance in terms of energy and investment, so that the products produced are competitive in the market, and so that their environmental impact is minimal or zero.

Modular plant engineering

Our plants are designed with a modular system, which allows us to pre-assemble and test them in Tenerife. This facilitates their shipment in containers directly to the customer, thus speeding up the final assembly at the destination in a fast and efficient manner.

Membrane technology

Our plants are equipped with the latest membrane technology, which allows substantial energy savings to be achieved because less electrical current is required to break down the purified brine.


The level of automation of our plants is of the highest level, which guarantees the reliability and safety of the operations. Thus, only minimal human intervention is required to ensure the stability and quality of the processes.

Water disinfection technologies

The sodium hypochlorite produced in Welysis plants complies with the most rigorous international quality standards for application in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and industrial uses such as bleach and others.

WIN (Welysis International Network)

Our program is unique in the industry, and thanks to it all members of our network benefit from the sharing of best practices, knowledge, experience and data throughout the life of the project.


At Welysis, we offer three standard plant models that we design, build and install. These models are adapted for different production capacities. Moreover, thanks to their modular design, we give you the flexibility to scale production according to your growth forecasts.


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